ATTIC is proud to announce the release of the first component of their next series of 1/48 scale model aircraft conversion kits.


The kit converts the Monogram/Revell B-29 into the turretless version, i.e. the Silver Plate, late war B-29s, nuclear bombers like the Enola Gay, the X-plane carriers, KB-29s, etc.  This is much needed, as the turret and sighting-bubble covers included in the Monogram kit are hideous, nothing like the real thing.  When it was available the Cutting Edge turretless B-29 conversion was OK, if you didn't mind spending hours and hours cutting and pasting in the 8 separate replacement fuselage sections, then hiding the joints.  The ATTIC kit gives you replacement fuselage nose and tail sections.  You just cut the fuselage at the fore and aft pressure bulkheads where the real aircraft fuselage had production breaks.  Estimated assembly time is 1/4 that for the Cutting Edge conversion.  The ATTIC kit also gives you two correct plates to fill the holes for the side sighting bubbles (not like the gross covers in the Monogram kit) for the late War Silver plate, nuclear bombers and others that did not have the bubbles.  But, if you want to make a WB-29, TB-29 or KB-29 which retained those bubbles, you easily can.  The kit consists of 6 resin pieces, as shown below:

Someone is bound to ask, "What relationship does this kit have to the Cutting Edge turretless conversion?"  The answer:  The ATTIC masters were created using only Monogram kit parts and CA glue.  Lest anyone doubt the veracity of that statement, here is a photo of the masters:


But this is just the beginning.  Close on the heels of this conversion will be a B-29 turret fairing correction set.  This set will include the turretless B-29 conversion plus four new turrets with proper fairings to replace the "clown shoe" turret fairings in the Monogram kit.  I call them "clown shoe" fairings because they are so ridiculously over-scale.  This ATTIC conversion will correct this error, creating the first accurate 1/48 B-29 kit.

Then, by adding a taller vertical tail and correct B-50 cowlings (the Paragon cowlings were very wrong), nacelles and wings to the turretless B-29 conversion, ATTIC will release a WB-50/TB-50 conversion for the B-29.

Then, you guessed it, by adding correct turrets and a choice of several different B-50-style upper front turrets, ATTIC will release a B-50A/B/D conversion for the B-29.

All this should hit the market by summer, hopefully early summer.  It will be exciting!

You may ask, "Is there a 1/48 KC-97 in the future?"  The answer:  "Maybe!"

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