ATTIC brings you a much needed upgrade to the Monogram/Revell B-29.  This turret upgrade kit allows you to replace the oversize fairings around all the B-29 turrets and the top sighting bubble with proper-size fairings and a choice of turrets. 

What would otherwise be an arduous task of sanding down fairings is made easy because ATTIC gives you the four large pieces from their turretless B-29 conversion.  After splicing these to the donor kit center fuselage, you merely glue on the turrets of your choice.  Kit consists of 12 resin pieces, a clear vac replacement sighting bubble and fairing, and a 14-page instruction booklet and color reference with full-scale drawings of the conversion steps.  You gotta have this!

The following pages from the instruction manual give you an idea of the variety of turrets carried by the B-29 and available in this upgrade:

B-50-style upper front turret and oversize round upper front turret.

Oversize top front turret and "tall" lower front turret.

Regular lower front turret and two-gun top front turret.